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We're proud to have built an amazing stable of brands, agencies and even governments.

Why FeedSpark?

Your product feeds serve as the cornerstone of your onmi-channel marketing strategy. Given the significant resources and media budgets relying on feeds, finding a top-tier partner capable of providing an exceptional feed management solution is imperative.

Numerous Feed Formats

Product feeds for search engines, comparison sites, social and affiliate networks, display, retargeting, marketplaces, marketing tools and customised product feeds

Quick Time to Market

We utilise our proven methods! Your account can be configured and source feed integrated in just a few days, with channel product feeds going live within hours

Qualified Traffic Uplift

Our proven feed optimisation techniques deliver immediate increases in qualified traffic, exposing your brand to new audiences and huge volumes of impressions

CPC Reductions

We focus on ensuring product feeds drive campaign performance. Using custom product groupings, we focus spend efficiently and effectively on the products that count

Data Optimisation

From titles, descriptions, and keywords to images and product categories – we're skilled at optimising every data aspect. With our array of tools, insights, and proven techniques, we're specialists in product data optimisation.

Premium Customer Support

Our highly responsive and multilingual account management and customer services team resolves product feed queries quickly & efficiently via email and phone.

Advanced Feed Technology

Our proprietary product feed management solutions are like no other provider, combining ease-of-use with our sophisticated data optimisation techniques

Fully Managed Feeds

With our team of experts, we're a feed management agency that handles all aspects of feed management & data optimisation, with our fully managed service

"We’ve given up chasing your clients,
we can’t get them to switch."

Sales Director of a FeedSpark competitor

We Create The Best Channel Product Feeds

Simply being able to create & manage product feeds on a channel-by-channel basis is only half the story (the easy half!). Whilst many feed management providers claim they create the best product feeds the reality is that they most simply repackage existing data, and any errors they contain in output feeds will be limiting your channel performance.

Product Data Cleansing

We digest, clean and re-encode your product feed data to industry standards. We use the rules and techniques our team of feed management experts have developed over 15 years to manage this process

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Product Data Optimisation

We specialise in enhancing existing product data (including populating missing fields & adding in FeedSpark insights) to drive significant performance uplifts from your product feeds.

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Channel Management

On a daily basis we refresh your product feed data, apply relevant rules, custom labels & product feed optimisation to deliver bespoke product feeds that comply to ever changing channel guidelines.

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...and a whole host more

We ensure your feed and product data is optimised against relevant user searches, driving targeted traffic back to your website and ensure any paid traffic has a high change of converting.

Seamless Product Feed Transition to FeedSpark

With our significant experience transferring feeds from competitor feed management solutions, we ensure a seamless transition. Data integrity, minimal disruption, and expert support all the way. Make the switch and see the FeedSpark difference for yourself!


Leading Feed Management Support

With so many channels relying on product feeds, when something goes wrong, out team of feed management experts are here to help. We've built a high quality and knowledgeable team of experts to fix product feed problems - your priority is our priority.

  • Live Support 15 hrs a day
  • Dedicated Account Managers & Developers
  • Daily feed monitoring
  • Daily manual feed checks
  • Automated and manual disapproval fixing
  • Automated inbound feed issue reporting
  • Scheduled feed audits
  • And much more!

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