According to Gartner business research and advisory, by 2020 AR and VR technologies will be used in 46 per cent of retail stores in order to meet increasingly demanding consumer expectations and 100 million consumers will shop online or in-store using AR.

Gartner’s research analyst Hanna Karki said: “Retailers are under increasing pressure to explain the purpose of physical stores and take control of the fulfilment return process for cross-channel execution.”

“Consumers are progressively defining the value provided by the experiences they receive from retailers. As a result of these pressures, retailers are turning to AR and VR to offer customers a unified retail experience inside and outside retail stores.”

In 2020 this integration will be accelerated by the introduction of 5G worldwide, enabling extremely high bandwith and extremely low latency, and real time rendering of immersive video and significantly shorter download and setup times.

It’s expected that a 5G implementation and AR and VR use in stores will significantly increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, as well impact the entire brand product management cycle. They represent the highest expectations for driving new revenue in retail, allowing brands to enhance the shopping experience and expand it beyond stores.