Google Shopping Feed Optimisation Experts

FeedSpark knows Google Shopping Data Feeds Management inside out - Whether you’re new to Google Shopping or you're already driving Shopping traffic - we have the expertise to drive incremental uplifts whilst improving CPC efficiency.

  • Google Expertise 

    Google Shopping Feed Experts

    If your looking to maximise your Google Shopping traffic , then look no further. With over 15 years of expertise, we excel as a specialised Google Shopping Feed Agency, crafting and refining our shopping feed services to drive maximum performance and efficiency.

    Our feed optimisation techniques have been developed and honed over 15 years to meet the ever changing needs of our thriving and cutting edge clients - making us the true merchant center experts.

    FeedSpark is Trusted by some of the largest Retailers, Brands, Performance Agencies and Government to manage all their product feeds.

  • Shopping Traffic Uplift

    You cannot buy Google Shopping Traffic

    Unlike Google Text Ads, you simply cannot buy specific 'keywords' or general 'search terms' associated with your products.

    With Shopping, Google is matching user searches to the product data in your feeds. If your feed is not optimised, you cannot surface, irrespective of your bid.

    FeedSpark have developed proprietary techniques to get your products to show in key Shopping Unit ad units, all whilst reducing your CPC Costs.

  • Google Premier Partner

    Google Premium Feed Partner

    FeedSpark was Google’s 1st Feed Partner in Europe.

    We have Tier 1 Dedicated Account Support allowing us to quickly resolve any issues our clients may have with the Google Merchant Center.

    In addition, our clients get early access to Google Betas allowing them to gain traction and experience before full launches.

  • Product Data Improvement

    Building Relevant Google Product Data

    If you’re just re-using the same data you have on your website in your Google Shopping Feed then you’re doing it wrong!

    Google does a good job of inferring meaning from the shopping feed you send it, but you still need to work on product feed optimisation to ensure it closely matches user intent and search terms your customers use.

    This involves ongoing shopping feed optimisation of product data attributes from brands to colours, categorisation, all the way through to your product titles and images.

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FeedSpark can help drive significant uplifts from your Google Shopping/PMAX campaigns with limited effort for you - Let our experts review your feed and show you the feed and data optimisation opportunities you're missing.

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