Google has launched a new cloud service for retailers covering key retail operations:

  • customer acquisition and retention
  • omnichannel commerce
  • merchandising and assortment
  • store operations
  • product lifecycle management
  • logistics, fulfilment and delivery

Several new retail solutions are added to the easily scalable Google Cloud Platform (GPC). Here is a brief summary of new tools and their benefits for the retailers:

  1. Visual Product Search – enables to create compelling mobile experiences by integrating Google lens-type capabilities
  2. Recommendations AI – enables high-quality product recommendations at scale to drive engagement and conversions
  3. Contact Center AI – helps improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  4. AutoML Tables (in beta) – helps better predict customer demand by automatically handling a wide range of tabular data as well as detecting missing values, enables retailers to easily build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models
  5. E-commerce hosting – flexible and scalable solutions enabling a smooth customer omnichannel journey and preventing a website crash during peak periods
  6. Real-Time Inventory Management and Analytics – intelligent inventory management and traffic insights across sales floor and stockroom
  7. Empowered Associates – collaborative power of G Suite utilised with social intranet capabilities to organise, engage and inform the entire retail organisation

Google’s expertise and innovation in data analytics and AI help retailers drive more customers and sales. Google Retail Cloud is a serious challenge to Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) still holding a dominant position among cloud service providers.

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