From 9th to 11th April a “city of love” will host a trade show E-Marketing Paris with around 15000 marketing professionals, 300 exhibitors and 100 speakers holding inspiring conferences, workshops and ateliers.

“Marketing leaders are not just growing their brands, they are trying to make the world a better place”.

This concept of Smart Marketing is reflected through following key points:

  • E-marketing makes the consumers smart, the mirror effect
    Change your marketing culture and share a vision to improve the world. 86% of consumers think that companies should get involved in a societal issue and of these, 64% are more motivated to buy a product from that kind of company. In a changing world, consumers value the benchmarks offered by brands and naturally turn to those with the most values. Those who earn their trust with the right mix of customisation and data protection, the ones that make them more daring.
  • A responsible E-marketing uses social networks for Good also develops resilience capacities in an increasingly hectic world, with the ability to create “ethics”. Facial recognition, “Black Mirror” style notations and humanoid robots are innovative solutions but representing also risks.
  • An inclusive E-marketing innovates, technologies are essential: voice recognition, visual, AI, algorithm, blockchain, etc.
  • A role of fake news across social networks and their power of nuisance when manipulating audiences was demonstrated in 2018. Does this change something in brand strategy and their relationship with social networks?

7 plenary conferences will explore the following topics:

  1. The power of Social: social media, social commerce, social room
  2. To engage your consumers, engage your communities!
  3. Go viral
  4. What innovations should be urgently included in your marketing plan
  5. What are the practices of data practices one year after the implementation of the GDPR
  6. What is the evolution of E-commerce, Mobile commerce and Social commerce
  7. The future of influencer marketing

A part of the plenary sessions, the speakers will share their expertise about client acquisition and retention, exploiting client data, digital strategy, mastering performance marketing, increasing visibility and traffic.

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